Now, they aren't saying to never swim in it again but definitely don't swim in Lake Michigan on Monday and maybe Tuesday. The reason for the National Weather Service telling you to avoid Lake Michigan is because there are strong winds, upwards of 25 mph so it could be dangerous to swim in it, especially for young children.

The NWS has the swimming risk as high on Monday. And they have high risk on beaches from Muskegon, Michigan, southward through Indiana and then northward through Illinois to Milwaukee. According to WILX, the NWS is saying, "Life threatening waves and currents are expected at the beaches....People visiting the beaches should stay out of the water."

The waves are expected to be 7 feet high or more at some beaches mostly on the south end of Lake Michigan. The National Weather Service has Lakeshore Flood Advisory for the Michigan beaches along Lake Michigan from Muskegon all the way south to Indiana.


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