Yes today is National Chili Day, but where can you go all around Lansing and the Lansing-Area to find the best bowl of chili, I'll help you. Just so you know this isn't my list, though I have tried chili from most of these places, but its from all of the reviews on Yelp. 

There are dozens of places to get a bowl of chili in Lansing but here are the Top 5 best Places to get a bowl of Chili according to other Lansing foodies. Coming in at #1 is Capitol City BBQ, on Saginaw Street in Lansing, and more people talk about their amazing sandwiches then their chili but their chili is just as good. Right behind them at #2 is Corey's, on South Cedar Street in Lansing, and they are known for their French Dip but their Chili is right on its tail as being the best thing at Corey's. Next at #3 is Meat BBQ, on Turner Street, which has amazing meat dishes, also their brisket OMG, but their chili comes in at 3 as it is a no bean chili and that means extra meat! Coming in at #4 is Campus Burger, on E. Grand River Ave, which is know for burgers and sandwiches but also has great chili and they offer Chili hot dogs and chili hamburgers too. Finally at #5 is Mijo's Diner, on N. Grand River Ave, they have all of the diner staples, breakfast, as well as Chili which you can get A la Carte

You can check out more places to grab some chili today in the Lansing-Area here, from Yelp.  

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