Flint or Detroit style? With or without onions? Light onions? Loose burger special? Coney special? Mustard? Heaven forbid ketchup, but some of you do. Do you dare do cheese?

Speaking of cheese, you doing chili cheese fries too?

And the hot dog has got to be that skinless frank with that snap.

When I've visited other places and they have a "coney dog" on the menu, I always give them a side eye and judge it with a huge amount of skepticism. I often ask, "do you guys really know what you're doing when you say coney dog"? Cause I'm from Michigan. I was in Indiana once and they brought me not a coney dog and not a chili dog, but a hot dog covered in what could best be described as Sloppy Joe sauce.

No ma'am.

Since moving back to the Mitten, I have been grateful to be in a place with so many joints that do it right. But who's your go to?

When you need a coney in Lansing/East Lansing, who's your top pick?

You can factor in the sauce, the dog, Detroit and/or Flint style. Even the chili cheese fries. But let's keep it at that.

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Poll's below. Let us know.

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