Mid-Michigan, are you ready from some new BBQ? If you answered yes, hang onto something, because Jackson is saying hello to a new BBQ joint in that old, and long time empty Coney Island building.

Jeff Thompkins, the new owner of the old Coney Island, said he first saw the building back in 2011, and described it as a place where 'a car hop meets a spaceship.'

This old building has actually been vacant since 2008. That's 13 years of just an empty lot, waiting to be used.

The new restaurant will be called Thompkins' Big Dog BBQ restaurant. The owner did say that the colors would change, and some of the indoor décor will change.

 The new place should be opened by late or mid August.
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You can find some, "traditional, southern-style, wear your stretchy pants," Thompkins told MLive. For now, the restaurant is expected to run like a drive-thr, with menu options such as pulled pork, chicken, turkey, ribs and more.

“I’m hoping that my food will also bring that for other people, whether they take it to an event or they have a class reunion or family reunion,” Thompkins added on. “I’m just hoping that taste will bring back something for them too.”

 This won't be Thompkins first barbecue either. Thompkins has been a grand champion in coemption five times, and also ran various pop-ups around Michigan.

Currently, you can't find this new restaurant on your social medias, as that is still under construction. However, you can check out the new website for this restaurant here. 

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