I went to Central Michigan University in the late 80's. I was on our college radio station WMHW/91 Rock FM. That was where I got my first taste of being on the radio/on the air. I got to host one of the first hip hop shows on said alternative radio station. It was called Urban Exchange.

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Back then at that radio station, we had rooms and racks of vinyl. Classic stuff. A lot of hip hop stuff that I would love to get back. When I used to dj club nights at Nicks 911 in Mt. Pleasant, I used to carry crates of records and cds to with me. And I loved it.

Not since those days have I seen as many records and caught as many feelings as I did when I walked into Flat, Black, & Circular in East Lansing.

Words cannot explain the awe I felt when I walked in. Not just the sheer volume of albums and 45s (yes 45s), but the vast variety and selection. Originals, reprints, anniversary editions, colored vinyl.

Not just albums but cassettes and concert flyers from back in the day. Memorabilia. The music playing while you look. The vibe. The expertise. They had multiple old skool real turntables. And folks that knew about them. A lady was there getting her turntable looked at and the guy helping her made a minor adjustment to it to fix it. She stood listening to an album in headphones with the biggest smile on her face.

Technology and streaming be damned. There's something about vinyl.

And they've got it in spades at FBC. Enjoy the pictures and do yourself a favor.

Go see it AND EXPERIENCE IT for yourself.

Flat, Black and Circular Is Vinyl Heaven In East Lansing, Michigan

Inside Flat, Black and Circular in East Lansing, Michigan

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