Have you ever been ready to brush your teeth, turn on the water in the bathroom sink, and it's cloudy or discolored...maybe even brownish in color?

Even worse, have you ever gone to the sink, got a glass of water and took a big gulp only to find out after viewing the water in the glass that you have taken a big gulp of water that is cloudy or discolored...maybe even brownish in color?

If you're like me, you put off brushing your teeth for a few minutes when you saw the water running in the sink, or you went and sat down for a few minutes to wait and see if you were going to get sick...or worse...after drinking it.

Well if you live in East Lansing, according to News 10 your water may be cloudy or discolored this Monday, June 15th. Why?

The City of East Lansing will be doing hydrant flow tests.

What's a hydrant flow test, you ask? Well I don't know. But...I can tell you that is could affect your water! The city says the funky looking water won't hurt you but you should check it before doing laundry or anything where using discolored water might hinder more than it helps.

Like drinking it. Yuck.

I did find out that if you see that your water is a funny color, usually if you let the water run for around ten minutes in your bathtub or the spigot where you connect your hose outside of your house, it should clear the water up.

Now they tell me....

Get more info here from News 10.

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