I had to send some silly purchases back to Amazon today. I always go to the Frandor Store, it's always quick in and out, just like high school. When we turned off Michigan it came into view. "Look at that line!" My passenger said. Then, we turned the corner and it was 3 times as long. This is just ONE of the many places you can get tested and the line was like the grand opening of Chick fil- A. At least 50 cars in line at that time.

There is a playground on Clippert we were considering taking our child to but after seeing that line, I didn't want to have her anywhere in the open air without a mask. Even with the wind blowing the opposite way, I don't want to ever be in one of those lines... But I am sure, all of our time will come.

My mom has to go in for a colonoscopy, so now, whenever you have a procedure done, you have to take a test. She didn't tell me what location she was tested at but she did say she waited in line for 3 hours.

My partner Maitlynn had her test and she had to swab herself. My mom said they did the swabbing for hers.

It's getting closer to me. It's getting closer to us all.

Michigan has had over 9000 new cases in the last 2 days. I have a hunch the election spread it even further and we'll see about 9 thousand new cases per day by the end of the week. I hope like hell I am wrong.

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