Look, we know many jobs drug test and even though marijuana is legal for recreational use here in Michigan, employers can still deny you employment if it is found in your system.

So what is one to do if they are unsure they can pass a drug test (or absolutely know they won't)?

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This is definitely not an endorsement of these practices; however, I've been to college and I've heard people give examples of how they "clean out". I've heard: eat really greasy foods, drink tons of water, take niacin to "sweat it out" and more...but honestly, you can't confidently trust those things.

Others, though, seek "drug-masking" products...and according to MLive, there is legislation being debated right now that would make these products illegal.

What Are "Drug-Masking" Products?

According to MLive, the wording in this bill defines them as substances used in place of or added to someone's urine, applied to someone's hair or saliva to basically cheat or "defraud" screenings for drugs or alcohol.

Specific examples include (but not limited to): Zinc, someone else's urine or "synthetic urine." Yes, Michigan is legislating fake pee.

About The Bill

According to MLive, Senate Bill 134 is sponsored by Republican, Senator Curtis VanderWall and was approved Wednesday, April 21st by the Michigan Senate 33-1 and is moving to the House for further deliberation.

Specifically, MLive reports the bill makes it so distributing, delivering, selling or possessing drug-masking products will land you a misdemeanor and either a $1,000 fine or up to a year in prison.

What Does This Mean?

This all means that if the bill passes in the House, if you get caught trying to fudge your way through a drug test, you will be in even bigger trouble than just not getting the job or in trouble with your probation officer.

Also, this means wherever or whoever you are getting substitute urine, fake or real, from could also be in trouble too. Yes, even shops that sell it will have to, well, not do that anymore.

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