When I moved to Michigan my brother happened to be moving out of Chicago to Phoenix and he reminded me that I had boxes in his basement from many years ago. Well, to my surprise I had 2 boxes of records from over the years I forgot about.  I was reminded of some of the great vinyl that I had.  I have Elvis's first LP unwrapped, a Linda Ronstadt picture disc from the '70s,  Elvis Gold records, and many classic rock albums and collector discs.  So now I am going to buy a record player as vinyl is making a comeback.

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Many Record Stores To Visit in Michigan

Maaike Boot

I remember spending many hours in record stores as a kid and I just learned there about 60 record stores in Michigan, and check this out according to fox47news.com there is one owned by a smart gal called The Record Lounge, Heather Frarey, has her shop in REO Town.  I am so looking forward to browsing this store.

The only thing I knew was music and vinyl,” Frarey said. She worked at a record shop when she was in high school. Frarey opened The Record Lounge on January 2, 2008. The original location was in East Lansing, but it moved to REO Town in April 2017. Thirteen years later, her record store is thriving.


Vinyl Sales Booming And In Demand

There has been a big demand for albums the past few years, so I may have to bring some of mine in because Heather says the biggest problem she has is buying used vinyl for the store.

We’re not getting a lot of good used stuff in right now. she will pay customers who bring in their used records

So there ya go, whether your looking for, or wanting to pick up some records for your collection get on over there. 1027 S. Washington Ave. ( inside Reo Town Mkt. Place)
Lansing, Michigan 48910. Have fun and maybe I will see you there.

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