There are numerous places on MSU's campus that are said to be haunted. Halls, the tower, the grounds, the original old campus, dorms, classrooms, etc.

But one of the oddest MSU hauntings originates in the Physical Plant, located at 1147 Chestnut Road.

Passersby, late-night workers, and students have experienced some strange activity. Along with the usual bumps in the night, the sound of doors closing, footsteps, and faint voices, there is the disquieting sound of weeping children. Where does it come from? No one has been able to find the source of the sobbing, even when people have attempted to follow the sound in order to pinpoint the area. The best anyone came up with is...the basement.

So what's in the basement?
What happened down there?
Why would little children be heard crying in a university building?

Down within the basement is Room 25. A man had gathered up 17 puppies and put them in the room. For some reason that can only be guessed and speculated on, he killed all 17. Was he a science professor using the puppies as lab experiments that failed? Were they his dogs and he needed a way to dispose of them? Did he hate dogs/puppies for some reason? Or was he just plain psycho? Popular consensus says  he was a former employee or faculty member.

But the sounds of sobbing children? Supposedly it's the weeping of the long-since-passed grieving children to whom the puppies belonged. Had this man rounded up these puppies in a nearby neighborhood? Puppies that belonged to these children, who have long since left this world? The cause still remains a mystery.

If you're around the area of the Physical Plant on a cold night, or after twelve noon on a Saturday in July, you just might hear the uncontrollable mournful weeping for yourself.

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