Stressed out? Go hang out with some cows!

Michigan State University's Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center is hosting events to help visitors to de-stress by interacting with cows and calves. There's another cow-petting event coming up soon!

Destressing with Cows at Michigan State

Michigan State University's Animal Farms are home to seven farms used for teaching, research, and outreach.

The farms include centers for dairy cattle, beef cattle and beef cow-calf, swine, sheep, poultry, and horses.

MSU Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center, Facebook
MSU Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center, Facebook

While the facilities are always open to the public, after the shooting as MSU in February, the college extended an invitation to anyone affected by the tragedy to come interact with the animals.

The Dairy program has even brought cows to campus for special events.

As for why interacting with animals is therapeutic, studies have shown that it helps reduce depression, lower tension, ease sadness, and can boost our health in several ways.

Warren Corson, a licensed professional counselor tells TODAY,

It will not replace traditional therapy and it’s not designed to. But a lot of people, we’ve lost connection to nature and there’s a need for touch. Cows are actually pretty empathic. They can be very intelligent. In my observations, cows are some of the most nurturing animals that we have.

When Is The Next Cow-Petting Event at MSU?

Again, the farms at MSU are open to the public.

The next "Destress with Dairy" event is scheduled for May 19, 2023 at the South Campus Dairy Farms.

At cow-petting events in the past there's been refreshments and prizes you can win.

Follow the MSU Dairy Cattle Teaching and Research Center on Facebook for updates on future events.

Here's more on Michigan State University's Dairy and Cattle Research Center:

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