At a time like this, you are almost certainly cleaning more. That is good because not only will it keep your space clean and help you stay healthy, it will also relieve your stress. According to, there are actually six reasons why your body can reduce any stress you might have just by cleaning.

First, cleaning provides relief from clutter. This seems stupid but obviously the less clutter you have the less stress you will feel. Studies have shown that the more clutter you have the less you will want to de-clutter it and it will build and build until you just can't clean it up easily, thus causing stress. To avoid this you should clean some piles of clutter and don't do too much because it will stress you out.

Second, cleaning can save you money in the long run. Do you have trouble paying bills because you can't find them or don't remember how to log in to pay them or do you eat out a lot because you can't find anything to cook in your cluttered kitchen? You can easily solve this by cleaning up and organizing bills as well as your kitchen. When you organize your house the less you will want to order take out and the less you forget to pay a bill, thus minimizing your stress.

Third, use cleaning as a tool for meditation. When you are done cleaning your home you are happy cause it done and you have a beautiful home but the act of cleaning can be a stress management technique. Try to add in mindfulness into your cleaning, because when you do this the cleaning work can actually be a form of meditation, leaving you more relaxed after you finish.

Forth, if you can't meditate during the cleaning then make cleaning into a party. Playing music has many wonderful stress relief benefits and playing music as you clean can make the activity much more enjoyable. Play your favorite dance music as you clean, and you may actually work faster and be done sooner.

Finally, use cleaning as a workout. It isn't easy to go to the gym but you will be running up and down the stairs, carrying items from room to room, and scrubbing windows and floors so that's a pretty good workout. Plus your cleaning workout can burn calories, release endorphins, and help you blow off steam.

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