Did you know that you can pay to cuddle with cows? It's one of the many unique experiences offered through Airbnb.

There's a farm located in Maybee, Michigan that offers what they call cow therapy. It's part of an Airbnb experience package that allows you to spend time petting, feeding, brushing, and hugging rescued cows. Sometimes you can even cuddle with them too.

They say that when you book one of these sessions with the cows, it's about getting close to the natural world, slowing down, taking time to breathe, and experiencing something new & exciting.

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How Much Does It Cost to Cow Cuddle?

The cost is $40 per person for a one hour session.

It seems a little pricy but they say it's a great experience for groups and team building, not to mention your kids will absolutely love it.


I never thought in a million years that I would have an interest in something like this but after reading all the positive reviews and seeing all the photos of people loving on these cows, I think I'd probably really dig it. I know my son would for sure.

Siharth, Airbnb Experience Host:

We are scientists, engineers, writers, designers, farmers who have one thing in common - love for cows. We met each other through bhakti yoga and quickly found out our common attraction to cows. A few years ago, we got a farm and turned into an animal sanctuary and community farming paradise. We offer bhakti-yoga retreats, no-till farming lessons, hydroponics training and cow therapy experiences here on our farm. Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you'll consider spending some time with us on the farm. Until then ! Hare Krsna, and compassion to all beings ! Namaste ! Be well !

The farm is located in Maybee, Michigan which is about 40 minutes southeast of Ann Arbor.

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