Mr. Taco, which has been adored by most Lansing residents, has been closed for the last few weeks, but it is showing signs of coming back. Mr. Taco has been in Lansing since 1967, but after the only one left closed a few years ago people asked for it back mostly using several Facebook pages. Finally as of March this year, Mr Taco on MLK Blvd re-opened and has had lines of cars onto MLK ever since. The out pouring of love for this Lansing establishment is amazing as it has several Facebook pages devoted to it and one that has over 13,000 members (it is a closed group though).

So with all of the love for this restaurant, there were several speed bumps in the road for Mr. Taco this year. It has had issues with staying open everyday, not sure if it was an employee issue, but there were constant customers in and out of the restaurant everyday. If you don't have a full staff, it makes it difficult. Also Mr. Taco owner Bill Bonofiglo, who is always interacting with other followers of the Mr Taco Facebook group, has been praised and sometimes yelled at for having to close the restaurant this year and has some more complainers now with the restaurant being closed for the last week or more.

According to the Facebook group and Lansing State Journal,  Mr. Bonofiglo isn't closing down the restaurant for good and is actually looking for a store manager and more crew to take the restaurant to a new level and even do catering in the future. If you want to follow them you can here, but it is a closed group so you will have to be approved.

UPDATE as of 4pm on 8/20

This was posted on the Secret Mr. Taco Facebook page From Bill Bonofiglo:


Anybody hungry? You all know how sorry I am that I had to inconvenience ANYONE. I made a hard decision to reboot Mr. Taco and I’m confident the new faces you see will make a difference.

OPEN 11-7pm, THIS Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We will train, etc. and WE will build out a second shift ASAP.

Hey, see you Thursday! Enough talk. We miss you all! Please spread the word!

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