While I am someone who is new(er) to the Lansing area, there are a few restaurants I have heard endless positive recommendations for and there are some that I have noticed have such a loyal following, it would be a shame to see them go.

One of those, is Mr. Taco...but could it be gone before those who have never had it (like me) can ever try it?

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Lansing Foodies Rumor Mill Swirls After Mr. Taco Owner Shares on Facebook

As I mentioned earlier, I am new(er) to getting to know the Lansing area and one thing that has helped a lot are some local social media pages.

Aside from following Lansing Facts, joining the "Lansing Foodies" Facebook group has helped figure out all the best restaurants, coffee spots and treats in the area. They are also good for getting some of the "hot gossip" when it comes to what might be going on with certain area establishments.

That's where we found conversations blooming about what is to come for Mr. Taco, located at 3122 S Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

On Wednesday, December 22nd, someone shared a screenshot in the group from the owner of Mr. Taco, Bill Bonofiglo's personal Facebook page in which he was outlining what things would look like for the local favorite taco spot over the course of the holidays.

In the comment section of that post, another screenshot from December 17th was shared in which Bonofiglo also said, "It's no secret Mr. Taco will be sold or will be forced to close" while also thanking the community and those who help run the business.

Mr. Taco Has Almost Closed Before

Of course, not wanting to believe information upon first hearing about it, we decided another source of the "tea" around Lansing is the r/lansing Subreddit. One quick search of "Mr. Taco" in there came up with multiple results of rumors over the years.

There was a link to a story by the Lansing State Journal written back in 2019 on why Mr. Taco had been closed for a few days (at the time) but how Bonofiglo also shared with them the establishment was getting a "reboot."

People were questioning in r/lansing three years ago, two years ago and even one year ago if that time was really the end for Mr. Taco.

Now, we sit here and wonder...is it?

Mr. Taco's "Final" Days

Now, look, we don't want to push conspiracy theories on anyone and we certainly don't want the fine folks of Mr. Taco thinking we doubt them and their greatness...but we would love some answers.

According to the screen-grabbed post by Bonofiglo shared in Lansing Foodies, they were open on Wednesday, December 22nd and will be open again on Thursday, December 23rd as he shared "The staff was able to arrange this. They did it for all of us."

In the post he also said, "Unless some things change there are only a few days left for us to stay open."

While we cannot confirm or give you solid dates and hours going further, get your pre-Christmas taco fix while you can!

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