East of Milan there’s a byway named Milan-Oakville Rd. Milan-Oakville has a legend of its own, making it one of Michigan’s most notorious ‘haunted’ roads.

People have reported hearing the sounds of a car crash when there are no vehicles on the road…but the story that seems to be the most common is the one of the ghostly bride in white. She has been seen wandering down this road in her wedding gown. Those who have stopped say this entity runs up to their vehicle, crying and pleading for help. So why is this happening?

The legend says that over 100 years ago, a newlywed couple in their 20’s were traveling down this road – at the time a dirt road – and died horribly, mangled in an auto accident. Those who turned their car engines off after pulling off the road have heard the ghostly crash sounds. As they started their vehicles back up and drove away, they saw the spirit appear and walk down the road.

Recently, an unsuspecting couple, who never heard this ghost legend before, were driving down that road returning from their vacation. They saw this spectral female figure alongside the road and were stunned. They turned around with their camper in tow, to look for the figure. It had disappeared. When they got home, they did an internet search for hauntings in Milan and found the story I just described.

Most reports say these occurrences happen on Milan-Oakville Road, while one or two others state Oakville-Waltz Road. Either way, it’s not too long of a drive, so take ‘em both…..it’s the same stretch of highway. Some creepy old abandoned houses are alongside the road, making this drive a little more eerie.

Milan is located a few miles south of Ann Arbor on US-23.
Have a good trip…

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