I'm a pepperoni guy, but I know there are dozens of other pizza toppings, so which is your favorite? According to a pizza topping poll from the Huffington Post, 73% of people who they polled said they generally eat pizza at least monthly, including 21% who said they have it at least weekly. Those in the 18-to-34 age range are almost three times as likely as those in the 55-or-older set to say they eat pizza at least weekly. So this food is favorite of ours and this might make your choice a little more difficult.

Also I know that some people like to put multiple toppings on, like my other favorite of green peppers and sausage, but we are looking for your singular favorite. Think about it this way, which pizza topping would you order if you were forced to just one? No half and half either, just one. I know it will be a tough choice for some, but cast your vote below and then go out get some of that pizza tonight.

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