Fall Isn't The Only Time You Should Visit A Cider Mill

Sometimes you just have to think outside the box.

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Summer is here. You're all vaccinated up (or not, your choice). You're ready to take on Michigan and go somewhere and do something.

Anything really.

And that's why this idea is so awesome.

Most folks are probably not thinking, "let's visit a cider mill in the summer".

You would be surprised at what these places have in store for you especially Uncle John's Cider Mill in St. Johns. 

Of Course There's Cider, But Ask Them About The Jumping Pillow

There's a taproom (and Uncle John's has their own hard cider, wine, and spirits), live music, gemstone mining, and giant jumping pillow.

Yup. Big ole bouncy JUMPING PILLOW.

Uncle Joh's has a calendar of events. If you're looking for summer fun this Sunday (6/6/21), peep this lineup.

    LIVE MUSIC 2-5
  • BAKERY 9-6
  • TAPROOM 9-6
  • GEMSTONE MINING -9-6, $5
  • JUMPING PILLOW 9-6, free
  • FARM TRAIL 9-6, free

Mind you that's just Sunday. They're open Thursday through Sunday 9 a to 6 p, their calendar changes everyday, and the live music  happens on Sunday.

So stop out and grab an apple pie from a real cider mill/apple orchard, enjoy a cider flight, let the kids go digging for gemstones and jump until they can't jump anymore on the giant jumping pillow. Or just take a stroll on the farm trail.

Cider mills in the summer.

Go ahead. Give it a shot. Add this to your super secret summer places to visit.

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