Dreading that next video conference call?

How many do you have to suffer through in a day? Do you find yourself attending more online meetings than you did in the real world?

Let's be honest: they aren't necessary. They're boring. Sometimes filled with grandstanding, butt kissing, and the worst presentations because Phil from accounting doesn't know how to make screen share work. And someone isn't on mute. And someone is violating the video conference dress code.

It's enough to make you drink while you're on the clock at home.

Maybe that's why people aren't sharing their video feeds.

It's an alarming trend and Michigan is on the list of states that participate.

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Fishbowl did a survey of roughly about 13,000 professionals (12,895) and asked them about drinking on the job while working from home.

In depth survey results are HERE but a quick snapshot has Michigan on the board. Not near the top but, we're on there.

  • Overall, 41.76% responded that they drink while on the clock and working from home.
  • North Carolina had the highest percentage answering with Yes, with 47.7%. Following closely behind were Oregon (47.58%), Connecticut (47.41%), Colorado (46.93%), and Washington (46.3%).
  • Arkansas had the lowest percentage answering with Yes, with 28.85%. Following closely behind were New Jersey (32.94%), Virginia (35.47%), Michigan (37.83%), and Missouri (37.96%). (Fishbowl)

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