So if you just recycle every few weeks or so you aren't doing it enough according to the state. According to WILX, the state is wanting to make sure we all recycle and they are doing this by launching a multi-million ad campaign to push more Michiganders to recycle.

The recycling ad campaign is mostly going to focus on education on what to look for and where to recycle. The ad campaign is called "know it before you throw it," and it will also promote to educate Michiganders to rinse and dry plastics and glass before recycling it. Also it will promote to teach Michiganders to not throw away plastic bags and to separate what you are recycling as recycling items in the wrong place can cause contamination.

Expect to see these ads on TV and radio shortly as we need to recycle more because Michigan has a 15% recycling rate which is the lowest in the Great Lakes region. You can see more on it here.  

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