We all know that Michigan is one of the few states that offer a 10 cent bottle deposit, but some lawmakers are looking to expand that. The bottle deposit allows us to get 10 cents back, but its only on some bottles and some stores don't have to take bottles that weren't bought there. Because of this some lawmakers are looking to make the bottle return more uniformed and make it easier for Michigan residents to recycle and for the state to also recycle more

A few Michigan lawmakers are looking to expand the state’s existing bottle deposit program to include other beverage containers like tea, water, sports drinks and hard cider. The legislation would also allow for universal redemption at large stores. Environmental groups are for this idea, and Michigan has been praised for the 10 cent bottle deposit for years, so this expansion would most likely have fans all over the state.

This new expansion hasn't been brought up yet in a session but you can see more about it here.

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