Michigan State has won many games and championships over all of the sports they have but having a high academic rate is another notch on their belt. According to the State News, Michigan State University Student-Athletes have posted high marks in various categories that rate academic success.

Michigan State Athletics posted academic highs in Graduation Success Rate, which measures students athletes that graduate school with 6 years, as 88% of students from 2008-11 graduated. This surpasses their mark last year. Also for the first time the Michigan State Men's Basketball team had a 100% mark in Graduation Success Rate, so along with winning 20+ games a season they are also graduating.

Also along with that they also posted high marks in the Federal Graduation Rate, which measures student-athletes that drop out due to academics or if he or she transfers to another school and graduates. The Men's soccer team and tennis teams posted perfect 100% in the FGR. While all of the students-athletes posted a single-year FGR of 80%, which is an all-time record for MSU.

You can see more about these rates and how all of the sports teams are doing here, from the State News.

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