Do you have to renew your drivers license or license plate? Are you having a hard time doing it because you can't get an appointment?

Here is some good news for your Friday. Yesterday, June 10, the Michigan senate decided to allow drivers more time to renew their expired driver's licenses, state ID cards, vehicle registration and plates.

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The reason for the extension

According to CBS Detroit, Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has added 350,000 appointment slots to help address the 13 month backlog.

The bill was approved by 19 Republicans and six out of 16 Democrats days after Benson turned down the return of the take-a-number system.

Lawmakers like Sen. Ruth Johnson believes that walk-in options should be available because appointment only services haven't been working for every individual.

The decision to end same-day services and go to an appointment-only system does not work when people still can’t get an appointment for months in many areas.

Benson believes that having a walk-in option would leave people “standing in line, waiting for hours.”

You can read the full story on CBS Detroit's website.

Appointments vs walk-ins

Personally, I like that the Secretary of State goes by appointments. Ever since it became an option, I haven't had to sit and wait for hours.

However, I do understand the frustration of appointment only because people are having to wait months for an appointment.

For example my dad is trying to renew his license plate and can't get an appointment until November. Which is absolutely wild to me. My sister in law had the same issue with her drivers license.

So what are your thoughts on the matter?

Do you want to SOS to go back to walk-in options or continue with appointment only? Download the app and send us a message!

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