Drinking and driving could get you some fancy new electronics in your car. And not the cool, fancy aftermarket gadgets you're thinking of.

Ever hear of a "BLOW AND GO"?

Cool name bro. But you don't want anything to do with it.

Trust us.

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Don't drink and drive...ever.

You could kill yourself, someone else. Just don't do it. Because eventually, you're going to get caught. Like this guy.

This past Monday night right before 11 pm on a residential street in Williamston, several mailboxes met their untimely demise when a drunk driver took to the street and took out 50 mailboxes.

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aijohn784/Getty Images
aijohn784/Getty Images

Getting caught drunk driving in Michigan is bad enough, but if you start racking up multiple offenses in a relatively short amount of time you become a REPEAT OFFENDER.

Michigan's Repeat Offender laws are designed to get tough with drivers who repeatedly drive drunk or drive while on a suspended or revoked license. You are a Repeat Offender if you have:

  • Two or more alcohol-related convictions within 7 years.
  • Three or more alcohol-related convictions within 10 years.
  • Three or more convictions for driving while your license is suspended or revoked in 7 years if those convictions resulted in mandatory additional suspensions or revocations. (Michigan.gov)

There are various penalties that the state can bestow upon you including the addition of this little beauty to your car and to your life.

Introducing the Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device [BAIID].

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

They come in various shapes and sizes all designed to do one thing. Well, actually several things.

The BAIID measures the driver's bodily alcohol content [BAC] and keeps the vehicle from starting if the BAC is .025 or higher. Effective June 6, 2016, the BAIID must include a camera capable of recording a digital image of the individual providing the sample. The device will also ask for random retests while the person is driving [rolling retests]. (Michigan.gov)

Got an autostart? Forget about that if you've got one of these in your car. Think carefully about what mouthwash or cold medicine you use because it could affect your BAC and test. You'll learn the subtle art of breathing into a machine while driving (you're encouraged to pull over and take the test but you won't).

If anyone else uses your car, breathes into the device, and causes a violation, that's on you.

Beginning October 31, 2010, anyone with a restricted license that requires a BAIID must continue to drive with the device until the Secretary of State authorizes him or her to remove it.

If a hearing officer orders a restricted license for you with a BAIID requirement, you must drive under the restrictions, with a properly installed BAIID, for at least 1 full year. (Michigan.gov)

There are minor violations, major violations, rolling retest violations, tampering violations, and more.

More about repeat alcohol-related driving offenses and interlock devices HERE.

Do you want to avoid this?

PaulBiryukov/Getty Images
PaulBiryukov/Getty Images

Then don't do this ever. Not even once (much less be a repeat offender).

Drunk Driver being pulled over by police cops with copy-space.
seanfboggs/Getty Images

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