No matter where you go, there are tacky, tasteless vanity license plates on people's cars. There are even some here in Michigan that may leave you scratching your head, wondering just what the heck it means.

Then, there's Ohio. A questionable state in itself, full of equally questionable people, where they decide some things are not better left unsaid and, rather, broadcast to the world in the form of a license plate.

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What Is a "Vanity Plate"?

According to the Michigan Secretary of State website, "vanity plate" is another way to refer to a personalized license plate in which the owner of the vehicle chooses whichever combination of letters and numbers goes on their license plate their heart desires.

Be warned, though, they are called "vanity" plates for a reason, because they can often tell you a lot about the person driving the vehicle in question in that very short amount of time you may be sharing that stretch of roadway with them.

Ohio Drivers and Vanity Plates

Now, we are sure this kind of thing happens everywhere. People thinking they are funny by choosing inside jokes or just blatantly filthy ones to turn into various number and letter combinations.

With Ohio, though, as evidenced by the state's DMV releasing ALL of the rejected license plates from the year before, we see they may be a bit more vulgar than most.

Rejected Ohio Vanity Plates 2021

Each year, Ohio's Department of Motor Vehicles releases a list of all the personalized license plate requests that were rejected the year before. While some of these may seem pretty vulgar, these are just the ones we COULD share with you. CLICK HERE for the full list.

*Content Warning: vulgar language, dirty not try to sound these out aloud (at least at work).

How to Get a Personalized (Vanity) License Plate in Michigan

According to the Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) website, you can either order them online or at any SOS branch. They recommend you first make sure the one you want is available. If it is, you them submit if for approval from the Michigan Department of State.

If your plate is not dumb and vulgar like the ones in Ohio, and it gets approved, SOS says it will be mailed to you from Lansing in about three weeks!

However, the Secretary of State does also list out all possible fees that come with getting a personalized plate, CLICK HERE for more information.

Before we get too high and mighty, though, I guess you should take a look at all the plates deemed "unacceptable" by the Michigan Secretary of State too:

*Note: these were either pre-emptively decided or tried (and failed)

Unacceptable Michigan Licen... by Justin Hinkley


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