The royal wedding is coming up quick. What's next on the agenda? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal Bachelor and Bachelorette parties!

During the couple's first joint trip to Scotland on Tuesday (February 13), Markle was asked about her bachelorette festivities. She admitted her friends haven't given her much information about the plans (as is bachelorette party tradition!), and told an Edinburgh crowd that it "is sorted."

She also exchanged compliments with Scottish well-wishers, including a woman with some pretty flashy nails.

“Wow, look at your nails, that’s pretty fantastic!” she exclaimed while shaking the woman's hand.

The woman excitedly replied: “They’re very Valentine’sy.”

“Very Valentine’s-y!” Markle agreed.

As far as other royal wedding business is concerned, the couple reportedly asked Ed Sheeran to perform at the festivities. Though he has not officially accepted the invitation, the singer-songwriter has discussed the wedding before, saying he'd play the ceremony "if I'm free."

The royal wedding is set to be held on May 19, which also just so happens to be Sheeran's Dublin, Ireland date of his Divide tour. Will he decide to reschedule his Dublin show for a chance to perform during the nuptials? Surely his fans would understand, right?


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