It's rumored that a mistress of Al Capone's haunts McDowell Cemetery, formerly Hawks Head Cemetery, located on the corner of 71st St. and 107th Avenue, north of South Haven, less than a mile from the Lake Michigan shoreline and not far from here.

A woman who is referred to as "Flora" - which may very well be a nickname given her by Capone - is buried there and is the cause of all the spooky commotion that goes on within the cemetery. Her gravestone is not hard to find and it is boldly inscribed with "Flora" last name, no dates, no nothing...just "Flora" (SEE PHOTOS).

Locals have spotted a female apparition in a transparent white gown moving throughout the cemetery grounds. If you're investigating some night and you hear chimes tinkling near the rear of the graveyard, then she's about ready to make her appearance.

There is a dull red light that appears alongside the middle dirt driveway, referred to as a 'ghostlight' by locals who have seen the light and the apparition. This red light heralds the arrival of Flora's spirit and means she is aware of your presence and is - basically - paying you a 'visit.'

Visitors who have walked through the cemetery at night report witnessing a tennis-ball-size red light that landed on Flora's tombstone, and upon returning to their vehicle, found fingerprints on the windows.

Granted, there are many, many stories of Al Capone's Michigan connection...this is one of the weirdest. Pay a visit, do an investigation and take video & photos!


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