If you are looking for an interesting gift or maybe you are just a collector cause you can have a piece of the Michigan meteorite. The Michigan Meteorite fell on the night of January 16th and the first chunk about to be auctioned off in April by Christie's of London.

The chunk of space was found by Ashley Moritz, on frozen Zukey Lake, with her boyfriend, Christopher Rodgers.

According to Livingston Daily, we now know that the meteor that exploded over Michigan that night was about 2 yards across and weighed about 2 tons. So far, only about two pounds of the Michigan meteorite has been collected. The chunk that Ashley found will have a starting bid of $12,000 when it goes up for auction. With only 2 pounds out of 2 tons found there has to be more meteor out there so buy a metal detector and keep looking! Here's the story.

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