With Valentine's Day tomorrow if you don't have any ideas on what to get or do here are some homemade Valentine's Day gifts and ideas so at least you will have something on Valentine's Day.

  • First Valentine's Wreaths are pretty big this year and there are tons of things you can use to make one besides the usual hearts and kisses. You can use pictures of you and your Valentine or how about a wreath made of chocolate?! Yeah get more ideas and details on how to make a Valentine's Wreath here.  
  • Next Valentine's Food! This is an obvious thing to have and there are tons of Valentine's treats to make with fruit or chocolate or both. Here are some Healthy Valentine's Day snacks to make and munch on with out feeling bad.
  • Also if you are a crafty person you can make a Valentine's Mason Jar. It is filled with candies and whatever else you think your Valentine will want to eat and you can make it all by going to the Dollar Store. More on that here. 
  • In addition, if you are thinking a lot about what to buy your guy for Valentine's Day here are some ideas such as; personalized cards for a game, breakfast in bed, or love notes in a jar. More Valentine's Day Guy Gifts here.


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