Our very own 90 Day Fiance psychic superstar Maria Shaw has been quite busy lately.

We chatted with Maria when we first found out about her being on the show.

My client Stephanie D. from Grand Rapids came and saw me at the Lansing psychic fair four years ago. I told her she would be on 90 Day finance.

I knew Ryan was a con man when we did the reading on him four years ago and I named his girlfriend's name he was seeing behind her back. When she got on 90 days she told them the story and producers wanted me on.
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And things have been getting juicy on the show. If you watched episode 10, Maria's predictions had our couple getting heated and not in that good way.

Stephanie spoke about Maria getting names, dates, right “on the nose” as Ryan argued that the psychic was using what she was told to give her readings. But right when Stephanie shared Maria’s prediction about Ryan’s mother pressuring him into marrying a younger woman for babies, the Belizian 90 Day Fiancé star lost his cool. (screenrant)

Maria is a great friend of the show and often gives us her horoscopes for the weekend and the week ahead. (Dated 03/12 - 03/18)

Take a listen to your horoscope with Maria below.

Get your own personal reading with Maria or ask her a question HERE.

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And as you can see, Maria will be in Lansing this weekend for another one of her amazing and fun Psychic Fun Fairs. The same one that Stephanie from 90 Day Fiance met her at 4 years ago. Stop by, say hi, get a reading, get an autograph, get a picture.

If she's been this right about Stephanie from Grand Rapids on the show, what's she going to tell you about your future?

See you this weekend. Bring a friend.

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