Can you believe we're already halfway through September?

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We're almost to the final quarter of the year. Before you know it we'll be knee deep in the holidays.

I know you're wanting to hang on to summer as long as you can but that'll be over this coming Wednesday, September 22nd. Then it'll be fall and next thing you know, it's Christmas.

Well maybe not that fast but you get what I'm saying.

Wouldn't you like to know how this year will finish for you?

Maybe a little bit of a peek as to what's in store?

This weekend you're in luck.

This is our resident French Quarter Medium Maria Shaw.

You can listen to her free horoscopes for this weekend and the week ahead below.

You can also visit her WEBSITE, Facebook, and Instagram.

Or you could visit her live this weekend at her Psychic Fun Fair here in Lansing.

This weekend at The Lansing Comfort Inn on Canal Road.  10 am to 5 pm. 12 readers (and featuring 4 new ones). All types of vendors with clothing, crystals, tarot cards and more.

There's a full moon coming so what does that mean for you?

Full Moon Coming
I am predicting this could be a very lucky full moon for many people. Near the same time of the full moon in Pisces, we also have the astrological aspect called Mercury Trine Jupiter happening. This is a powerful and lucky aspect bringing good fortune and positive news. (Maria Shaw)

September 20  We have a Full Moon coming in Pisces which will trine Pluto. This is a perfect Full Moon to go somewhere near the water or a beach, lake, oceanfront, etc. You will be itching’ to go on a trip and just escape from your daily routine. Many of you will have some interesting and vivid dreams. They have a special meaning so try to remember them and write them down.

Mercury Trines Jupiter. We have another astrological aspect on the same day as the Full Moon that will leave you feeling happy and optimistic about life. (Maria Shaw)
So listen to your free horoscopes above.
Then grab your friends and head out to the Lansing Comfort Inn Saturday for some fun.

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