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Beginning this Friday, May 15th, McDonald's is giving customers free medium french fries until June 28th. There is a small catch, you have to purchase something for at least one dollar. So FREE may not be totally accurate, but stil a damn good deal.

In order to take advantage of the free french fries, you have to place your order through the McDonald's mobile app. Not a big deal, again we are talking about free fries. I really don't even remember the last time I had McDonald's french fries, but as I sit here typing, I really want some. Try dipping your fries into a vanilla shake, so good!

Did you know you can even make your own McDonald's french fries at home? You can, and the video below will show you how. I have also included a video on how to make your own McDonald's french fries holder - your kids will never know the difference.

It looks like the knock off fries are not that difficult to make. I am missing a few of the items needed at home to make them. You know like potatoes and a frying basket (technical term). I feel like I have stepped up my cooking game since the coronavirus pandemic, but I have not graduated to having my own french fries making basket.

I guess it is time to download the McDonald's mobile app, just going straight to the source seems to work best for me. If you do make these at home, let me know how similar they are to the real deal. Ba da ba ba bah, enjoy.


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