Oh it was only a matter of time.

And every hero (or villain...depends on how you see her) needs a theme song.

You know her as the Governor of the Mitten State. And currently the bullseye for all things Executive Orders and State of Emergency.

But squash all that. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to "Big Gretch".

That's the new nickname (and title of the new single) for Governor Whitmer from Detroit rapper Gmac Cash.

Now before you jump in headfirst, let me warn you the language is a little spicy and so are the topics depending on what side of the love her/hate her fence you're on.

It's also about 2 minutes long so it's not a full song. But you get the gist and message behind it.

Her opponents no doubt will absolutely love it (note the sarcasm).

Social media is eating it up.

Still not clear on this whole buffs thing. Must consult Urban Dictionary.

But wait, the Governor has apparently heard the song, liked it, and even tweeted Gmac Cash back a response. Take a look.

Embrace it Governor...uh Big Gretch. I wonder if she gets that VP nod from Joe Biden if she'll use it when she walks on stage for stuff? Hey, it works for John Cena lol.

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