Winters in Michigan can be brutal, but they're also very beautiful. I could go without the slippery road conditions and frigid temperatures, but I do love the beautiful blue ice at the Mackinac Bridge every year and the ice castles the winter weather creates.

Did you see the proposal near the Mackinac bridge on the blue ice? The two of them had to be freezing their buns off, but hey, it was worth it. The video of them on the ice is breathtaking.

The lighthouse in Grand Haven was encased in ice and snow a couple of weeks ago, February 14., and it was absolutely incredible. The recent winter storms mixed with freezing temperatures and waves from Lake Michigan caused thick layers of ice and snow to form around the lighthouse.

First responders are warning visitors and residents to be careful when visiting and even urging them to stay off of the pier. The thick layers of ice make the pier's catwalk very dangerous in the winter months.

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This story reminded me of the Jackson dad who builds ice castles with his kids every winter. He started the tradition 40 years ago with his dad. They build the ice sculptures by using random objects around the house and overnight when the temperature drops and the wind blows, the ice castles are created.

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