While we have not had much snow yet this year, it is never to early to start looking for fun things to do when it gets here!

I am someone who absolutely loves winter and all the fun that comes with it, especially when that comes to ice.

Growing up on a lake, ice fishing happened every single weekend and my dad would even take the snow blower out onto the ice and make a rink for me and my sisters to skate on. Basically, I remember entire days of my childhood being spent on the ice and while I have not been skating in a while, it's not that hard to get back into it.

That's why the Muskegon Luge Adventure Sports Park is so awesome to me!

They say their rink is built with natural ice and has space for people just to skate around, play hockey or even skate at night.

Not only do they boast "two acres of natural ice" (no refrigeration required) but they even offer you the opportunity to skate through the woods. Yes, THROUGH the woods!

According to their website, this adventurous trail takes skaters on a quarter-mile, figure-eight loop through the white pine forest. They also say the trail is about five feet wide and is lighted if you choose to go at night.

What makes this even better than this place just being a winter wonderland full of activities but it is actually really affordable and you really don't need to bring anything...I mean, other than your coat and that kind of stuff.

You can rent everything from figure skates to hockey skates and even hockey equipment and it is actually really affordable. A rink pass and skate rental is only going to cost you about $15!

Muskegon is only about an hour and forty minutes from Lansing and this place is the perfect place to spend a purely Michigan winter's day.

For those of you who hate winter, here are some activities you can look forward to in the coming months that are just oh, so fun!

The Michigan Winter Weather Olympics 2020

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