On February 29, 2020 you and your honey can go on down to Hell, Michigan and get hitched!

That's right, according to MLive, the small town of Hell is looking for 29 couples to come tie the knot for free at 2:29 p.m. on leap day.

Why not have the most special day of your life happen on a day that only happens every four years?

Hell's own Reverend Vonn will be performing the mass ceremony and says it is almost full but they still need a few more couples willing to take the leap!

One of the many benefits of this kind of wedding, Reverend Vonn says, “Imagine having only to remember your wedding anniversary every four years.”

There are a few things to make sure to take of on your end if you are interested in participating, specific to your county, but each couple does receive a marriage license that says “married in Hell.”

While you can get married in Hell other days of the year, a free, unique day could be someone's dream wedding and who are we to stand in the way?

As Reverend Vonn put it, "It is going to be one Helluva Day."

So with that, we encourage any couples ready to take the leap to go to Hell!

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