Yes I am a Chip. Yes I was rooting for my team. Yes we were the underdogs. And yes, we lost. Michigan State over Central Michigan University 31-20. Mind you going in MSU was favored to win by 28.5 points. In our defeat, we scored first with a field goal. And in the 4th quarter, 17 unanswered points. Too little too late. But, we made a showing of it and didn't totally eat it.

Large, MSU VS CMU 2018

This was my first trip to Spartan Stadium. And as you can see, I wore the colors proudly. And I wasn't alone. Mind you a good little rivalry is always nice and I have to say, folks were super respectful. Tailgating was a blast with our sister stations Classic Rock 94.9 WMMQ and The Game 730 AM. Great food from Spartan Brewpub and Bake N' Cakes.

Question. Is it just me, or are the seats numbered kind of crazy in Spartan Stadium?

I was at Gate K, Section 7, Row 54, and Seat 3. You would think Seat 3 would be at or near the end of the row, but no. It was in the middle. And it threw us off so much that we ended up sitting in Section 6. Until about halftime. No. I had not been drinking. It's Spartan Stadium. You guys did this. Not me.

Enjoy some pictures and thanks for a great game and some amazing hospitality from the Spartan Nation.

We'll see you next time.


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