We've been waiting a long time for this.

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As a matter of fact, about 651 days according to Michigan State Football on Twitter.

Saturday at Spartan Stadium was everything we had hoped, dreamed, and wished for. A perfect day, a packed stadium, and a SPARTAN VICTORY over the visiting Youngstown State Penguins.

When we say packed stadium, we mean well over 70 thousand screaming, chanting, singing Spartan fans.

The line to get in at the student section was already packed.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

Well, let's be honest. The whole front of the stadium was a sea of humanity.

Inside, it was wall to wall Spartans just happy to be back in attendance to cheer on Coach Mel Tucker, KW3 (Kenneth Walker the 3rd), Jayden Reed, QB Payton Thorne, and the rest of the Spartan football team.

Ch-ch-ch-changes at Spartan Stadium and on the bus on the way there

The no bag policy was a no brainer. But the face mask thing still threw people for a little bit of a loop. Riding on the CATA buses from Lot 89 over by Farm Lane and Mount Hope (where there was plenty of tailgating) to the game, you had to be wearing a face mask to get on and during the ride to the stadium. A lot of folks forgot or were unaware but they were provided when you got on the bus. Also, they made sure you were wearing a mask when you entered through the gates at the stadium. I saw a few folks doing a little complaining but nothing major.

Once inside, it was the return of the best cookie ice cream sandwiches ever, strawless cup lids, Coach Mel Tucker all over the cups, and a crowd that numbered a little over 70K.

The turnout was solid with the student section full and an announced attendance of 70,103 in a stadium that seats 75,005. (MLive)

Congratulations to the Spartans who improve to 2-0 after a decisive win over Youngstown on Saturday 42-14.

They return to action next weekend as they travel to the University of Miami to take on the Hurricanes at 12 noon. You can watch it on ABC.

In case you missed the game this past weekend, we've got plenty of photos.

Enjoy and GO GREEN!

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