It's Fashion Week East Lansing style.

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Football Saturday in East Lansing is an institution.

Especially if it's a home game.

And it's a night game.

And we're on an undefeated streak so far (man I hope I didn't just jinx us).

So for tonight's special occasion, Coach Tucker has made a few requests for Spartan nation.

“So this Saturday, the way I envision this stadium with our Spartan fans, with Spartan Nation,” said Tucker, “I envision this place going nuts. I’m talking completely berzerk. I want it loud, I want the student section just totally out of their minds. This should be a place – and this will be a place – where you just can’t hear.”  (Saturday Tradition)

Is that what you're wearing? Where are you sitting? You might want to change.

We need you loud and rowdy. Check.

Now, what are you wearing? Cause that's important.

The home game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers will be a “Stripe the Stadium” matchup! The MSU athletics department announced on Sunday that even sections will wear green, and odd sections and the student section are to wear white. (The Only Colors)

And if you keep seeing "The Woodshed" and you're unfamiliar with that term, allow us to explain.

I know what I'm wearing...but WHAT ARE THEY WEARING?

No fashion week would be complete without knowing what the fellas are going to be sporting on the field. All points matter. Especially style points. And honestly, I've kind of gotten used to them telling us what uniforms they'll be wearing for each game.

You know, so I can coordinate too.


Michigan State will rock green helmets, green jerseys, and white pants.

Go Green, Go White!

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