On Christmas Eve, Lansing's Potter Park Zoo celebrated something very special! For the first time in their 100 year history, an endangered black rhino calf was born at the zoo.

Now Potter Park Zoo is looking for help naming the little guy!

Zoo officials shared on Facebook six names to choose from. Each $5 donation to the zoo will count as a vote for your favorite name.

They say that all donations will go to further development of the zoo’s animal health program, which will help all animals at Potter Park Zoo.

As a cool bonus, at the end of the naming contest, three people will win exclusive Rhino Artwork that was made by one of the zoo's rhinos. Three names will be drawn at random from the pool of voters.

So which name do you think suits the new baby rhino?

  1. Enzi
  2. Azizi
  3. Jaali
  4. Bash
  5. Mosi
  6. Reggie

Donate and let Potter Park Zoo know here! The contest ends at 11:59p.m. January 8th.

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