I was doing my usual scrolling through Instagram today when I came across the strangest picture: the inside of a penguin's mouth.

Bear with me now...

I don't remember how I came across this picture--if it was an account I follow or if it was some sponsored post. But what I do remember is how absolutely terrifying the inside of the penguin's mouth looked. It was downright ghastly, and it made me happy that there aren't wild penguins roaming free around Michigan.

What lurks inside the adorably-tuxedoed animal

Normally when I see a picture of a wild penguin, they're waddling around the ice. Sometimes they're nestled up to their mate with an egg between their stumpy little legs, keeping it safe and warm. All in all, they can be described as cute. That's definitely NOT what this picture was.

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Now before I show you, I want to warn you that this truly is the stuff of nightmares. If you didn't know what the inside of a penguin's mouth looked like, you will in a moment. And keep in mind, you can never unsee this.


Turn back now.


This is your chance to avert your eyes.


Hopefully, you have a strong stomach.


Really, I'm not kidding.


Okay, you were warned...

Penguin screeching
Getty Images/iStockphoto

And that's just a side profile!

Just Google "inside of penguin mouth" and you'll get a head-on visual of the terror that lies within.

But, if you're brave enough to get a closer, in-person look, you could always take a trip to Potter Park Zoo in Lansing or the Detroit Zoo in, well I think you know where.

Both, Potter Park and Detroit Zoo have penguins exhibits for visitors to check out.

What do you think; the stuff of nightmares? Let us know if it scares you out of sleep tonight by sending us a message with the station app. Story to fall back asleep, not included.

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