I've done articles on MSU.
I've done articles on East Lansing.
I've done articles on Lansing.
I've even shown you many vintage photos of all of them.

Well, now here are more.

This time, I've rustled up a potpourri of random, various sights, items, and people from Lansing, going back to the 1800s and up to the 1960s. Some of these people and places are known, others are not. Some locations will be familiar, and it's a hoot to see how they looked over 100 years ago.

You'll look at some of these and wonder “what the heck?” while others will make you smile with recognition. There is no theme to these photos, other than the fact they are all from and in Lansing. There is no script explaining these pictures either, unless you consider an extensive vintage photo gallery some sort of history lesson...which it very well could be. The photos are described, but the history behind them remains for another time.

Just enjoy the gallery and maybe find out a little bit about Michigan's Capitol City that you might not have known before.

Miscellaneous Lansing, 1870s-1960s



Lansing Theaters and Memorabilia

The Oldest Cemetery In Lansing

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