Winter of 2021-2022 is here in Michigan. And it arrived on the first of November. If you need proof, check out these videos from the eastern Upper Peninsula near Newberry.

The Northern Lower Peninsula National Weather Service outlet in Gaylord posted some flakes and enough to cobble together enough snow to get a snowman together and reported 9 inches of heavy snow from the storm. That's a lot for an early season storm, but the videos from a few hours north in the UP, look like the dead of winter.

Early November Snowfall near Tahquamenon Falls

Thomas Maleport shared some outstanding snow videos to the PureUP Facebook group.

Check out the following vids as we travel south thru McMillian and down around to Newberry.
Some places at least 10 inches to a foot of real heavy wet snow.
Look close at vids and see if you can spot our surprise shot.
A wolf crossed way ahead of us. I saw him way up there and zoomed in to catch him.

These videos on the UP backgrounds are exactly what you want to see in winter. The roads are swallowed up by the snow.

Big ruts and splashing through snowmelt and mud.

Check out all of the videos shared to Facebook.

Long range forecasts call for a cold and snowy winter, so get ready for more videos like these.

One of our favorite videos from last winter was someone diving into a 3-foot snowdrift from their deck in Manistique.

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For the other side of the spectrum, check out the epic heatwave of summer 1936.

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