Halsey says it was "dehumanizing" having to update record label executives about their pregnancy to ensure it "wouldn't cost anyone money."

In a recent interview with Hit Daily Double, the pop star opened up about pregnancy and how she portrayed it on her new album, If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power.

When asked what "ideas were most essential for you as you crafted this material," Halsey replied:

I found throughout my pregnancy that there was a whirlwind of give and take in regard to my bodily autonomy. There were moments I felt powerful, in control and supernatural - creating life and embarking on the painful, ugly, messy, beautiful endeavor that is to bring life into the world.

They went on to say that updating execs and investors about her pregnancy and "making sure the arrival of my child was timely enough that it wouldn't cost anyone money was dehumanizing."

The musician also added that after spending their whole career as "a symbol of sexuality and tenacity," they wondered if the world would suddenly reduce her to simply being a "maternal" being after releasing her album — which largely touches on the topic of motherhood — as well as having a baby.

"Another thing in my mind was that, because I was writing the album as I was living it, it was imperative to me that all the lyrics and top-line melodies were my own, solely my own conception," Halsey continued. "The experience was so personal and intimate that nothing could intervene. I've had a lot of wonderful experiences collaborating on songwriting in the past, but there are moments in life that require your utmost personal attention and dedication, and this was one."

Halsey welcomed Ender Ridley, their baby with Alev Aydin, on July 14.

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