Earlier this week, we told you about Guy opening up his signature Flavortown Kitchen restaurants across the country via ghost kitchens.

“A ghost kitchen is where virtual brands are produced without a brick and mortar location,” Greenspan explains, “They’re facilities that are made solely for producing virtual brands”.

A virtual brand is a delivery-only food concept that’s sold exclusively online and through delivery apps. (Roaming Hunger)

Delivery only. Got it.

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He was opening these ghost kitchens up in 23 states across the country and Michigan was indeed included. And we thought that the closest one to us was going to be Metro Detroit (Livonia, Rochester Hills, & Sterling Heights).

We found out today the Flavortown Gods have smiled upon the Capital City.

According to guysflavortownkitchen.com we've got one of these elusive ghost kitchens in the Eastwood Town Center.

Guy Fieri's Flavortown Kitchen - Lansing

2970 Town Centre Blvd

Lansing, MI 48912

Delivery hours were listed from 11 am to 10:30 pm.


Locations for the eatery include Bravo! Italian Kitchen restaurants in Lansing Township on in the Eastwood Towne Center...

The ghost kitchens are in a soft launch phase meaning all the locations are not yet opened, a spokesperson for the restaurant chain that owns both brands said. Livonia is currently the only location accepting orders while the others are planning to open in the next couple of weeks. (Detroit News)

Contrary to what the above article said, I did click to place an order and it did seem to be working.

A Crazy Cuban and Cheesesteak Egg Rolls are on the way.

I will totally let you know how this works out.

Flavortown is in town and currently on the way to my house.

Guy Fieri's Flavortown Delivered

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