Look, dining in as of late can be a hassle. The long waits, the long lines. It's almost not even a simple fix to avoid making yourself food. You're basically waiting as long for the food as it would've taken to make it.

Sometimes, just staying in sounds better than heading out and dealing with crowds and people.

If you want to be a hermit for lunch or dinner, that's fine! We totally understand.

So, where do you start for delivery?

We've compiled a list of 15 restaurants here in Lansing that are the best for delivery, according to Yelp.

These Are The Best Restaurants For Delivery In Lansing

Need an idea of what to do next for dinner? Here are the 20 restaurants that you need to check out in the Lansing area.

These are the local businesses that both taste great, and you can expect a great delivery from.

Not only that, but these are local businesses too. We do deals with some of these local businesses that you can check out each week on this website!

Click on that restaurant deals option in our mobile app or here on our website. You can also click here to check those deals out.

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What's your go-to delivery restaurant here in the Lansing area? Did it make our compiled list of restaurants?

Have something that you wouldn't suggest, also let us know. We take our lunch breaks just as seriously as you do.

Open the station chat feature, or just get social with us. Where do you eat for lunch or dinner that delivers?

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