File this one under "ballin' out of control".

See also "by land & by sea".

When you think of home delivery, you're probably thinking DoorDash, Uber Eats, the pimply faced pizza guy.

And the delivery world has evolved. Now you can get beer and wine delivered to your house. Our friends over at Pizza House in East Lansing have over 20 Michigan Craft Beers they can deliver in 64 oz growlers. Pizza and beer. Delivered to your door! What a time to be alive.

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So let's take this Michigan Craft Beer home delivery thing NEXT LEVEL.

What say you own some waterfront property. You want local suds. And you want it delivered. The local party store or pizza place might be like, yeah we can handle that.

One local brewery literally said 'hold my beer". We can do one better.

Meet the wonderful folks at Short's Brewing Company.

And they have been doing home delivery for a while now. Since the start of the pandemic. This past weekend, they took it up a notch.

Way up.

Yup, you can place your order for home delivery via SEAPLANE.

The brewery offered up the special seaplane delivery and folks were quick to pounce on it.

“We are getting a seaplane delivery from Short’s Beer,” said customer Kathy Bryant.

Kathy can see one of Short’s breweries from her back yard and when they announced a seaplane delivery of their products, Kathy was first to make an order.

“When you’re locked down for a month at a time and they come up with something like this? This is awesome,” said Kathy. (9 & 10 News)

They only did six this past weekend. It sold out relatively quickly. But they have plans to do it again.

Short’s Brewing Company says Saturday’s deliverers went off without a hitch and are looking ahead to plan another seaplane run.(9 & 10 News)


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