I went on a walk at Hawk Island on Thursday with my girlfriend and my dog and we noticed that some of the path was still badly flooded.  We weren't the only ones who took advantage of the beautiful weather on Thursday afternoon, so we made sure to always have our face masks ready too.

The walk that we went on was a little weird since some of the paths were flooded. The dog park at Hawk Island was completely underwater as was the river trail just as you get out of Hawk Island. The flood waters were also moving quite quickly so we didn't want to take a chance trying to walk through it, especially since my dog is just a puppy and she is still getting used to deep water. After we left Hawk Island, we also made a drive to Potter Park Zoo to see how flooded it was there and you can see below it is still flooded but the water looked to be lowering.

You can see of the flooded pictures below. Plus if you are going to go on a walk or run around Lansing you can check how flooded certain paths are on the river trail here.

Lansing Food Pictures

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