***UPDATE - The dogs are back at home safe and sound. Apparently, the folks who took them wanted $20,000 for their safe return. But after a lot of media attention, they dropped them off at an abandoned home and told the owners of the dogs where to find them. Read the full story here courtesy of WILX.***

A Lansing family is hoping for the safe return of their two micro mini-bully dogs which have been missing since the weekend. The owner said, according to WILX, that he let them out to use the bathroom and that was the last time he saw them. The dogs aren't wearing collars because the dogs are mostly indoors. The two micro mini-bullys were last seen around Lowcroft and Rouse in Lansing.

The dogs aren't that big as they stand about one foot tall and they sell for a lot of money (about $1,000) because they are mostly used as show dogs. The owner of course wants them back because they are family, but also because one dog is a mom and still weaning puppies, so finding them is important.

Other neighbors in the area have said they have seen two men walking dogs, but there have been no other sightings of the micro mini-bullys. You can see more about the dogs and hear more from the owner below

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