A Michigan man is searching for answers to solving his parents' missing person case, which has remained unsolved since 1977. His next step? Turning to outdoor enthusiasts across the state.

John Block Jr. has not seen his parents since their plane went missing on July 4, 1977, upon failing to reach its final destination. After 45 years of searching John Jr. is hoping to finally settle this case once and for all.

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Final Flight

On a Monday afternoon, John Sr. and his wife Jean departed the Detroit area at approximately 11:10 a.m. in John's green and white 1969 Cessna 150 J. The couple was headed for the Lost Creek Sky Ranch in Luzerne, Michigan.

The flight was expected to last just under 2 hours and although conditions were a bit hazy on that Michigan summer day, with temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s with high humidity, no distress call was ever issued by the pilot. In fact, the last message received from John Sr. was a request to have a car ready for him as the couple landed. The two have been missing ever since.

What We Know

According to their son, John Sr. had been flying for 23 years and had approximately 340 hours of flying experience under his belt. Although he held a private flying license John Sr. was not instrument rated, meaning he would have primarily navigated using visual landmarks below.

Though a flight plan was never filed, it was well-known that John Sr. would avoid flying over large bodies of water, so it was assumed the couple's flight path did not take them directly to their destination via the Saginaw Bay. Instead, it is assumed John Sr. navigated his plane along I-75 north to MI-33.

Have You Seen the Blocks?

John Jr. is now exhausting any and all resources to locate his missing parents all these years later. I first heard of John's tragic tale when the Michigan Department of Natural Resources shared his story on social media saying,

John Block, is looking for one last helping hand from Michigan’s outdoors enthusiasts to locate his parents. If you’ll be outdoors hunting, fishing or enjoying trails near Huron National Forest or the Atlanta State Forest, please watch this video. It goes over what the wreckage may look like and details on where the plane was last seen.


I can't imagine everything John Block Jr. has been through, having to go all this time without any answers regarding his dear parents. Please watch John's video to familiarize yourself with the details regarding the missing wreckage. If you have any information to contribute please contact the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Office at (231) 995-5002.

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